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Bluebird Coffee

For centuries and in many cultures, the charming bluebird has been the harbinger of happiness. A person who spots one during their daily ramblings is guaranteed to have a happy day, week, or even year. In Bend, Oregon, although we may not completely believe all the myths and superstitions of the past, we do believe that the bluebird WILL bring happiness—especially when that bluebird comes in the form of Bluebird Coffee! Bringing happiness in the form of that strong dark brew we all love to love, your vacation explorations will shine brighter when you start the day with a cup of some of the best coffee in Bend, Oregon!

Located at 550 NW Franklin Avenue

From the outside, Bluebird Coffee looks like pretty much any other brick building in Bend, sharing space in a large industrial looking building with other like-minded businesses. But when you walk inside, you enter a whole new world. Designed to look like a mid-century home, you will find wing chairs, bookshelves filled with tchotchkes (all for sale!), and series of long wooden chairs and benches accompanied by mismatched chairs. The drinks and specials are written in chalk on large blackboards behind the counter, and the pastries and other treats served by Bluebird are stored on cake plates with glass covers along the counters; the standard glass cabinet by the register is filled with bottled drinks of all sorts.

A Taste of Happiness When You Enjoy Some of the Best Coffee in Bend Oregon

The sights, sounds, and aromas that emanate from the Bluebird will bring a smile to your face, but your first bite of one of the pastries they make from scratch or your first sip of the black gold they serve will taste like happiness. Bluebird Coffee offers homemade soups and quiches for those who like a little savory with their mocha lattes, and they also have unique drinks in addition to the standard coffee and tea fare, like basil lemonade, bee pollen, or a cayenne Mayan cocoa drink that goes down extra smooth on a cold winter’s day.

It’s no wonder that Bluebird Coffee has been so successful in its five years of existence and is provides some of the best coffee in Bend, Oregon! Because they also allow dogs on the patio during the warmer season, if you’re staying in one of our pet-friendly Bend vacation rentals, we recommend you bring your pooch along for a sweet treat!

Bring Your Treasures Back to Your Vacation Escape

It’s the small pleasures in life that make us the happiest, and when you pick up a thing or two for yourself to enjoy, it adds to the perfection of your Oregon vacation. When you stay in one of our comfy cabins, homes, or condos, you discover what perfection really is! Contact us to reserve your vacation rental today!