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If you close your eyes tightly and use your remaining senses, you can feel that summer is drawing to a close. The sun shines a little less brightly, the darkness falls faster, and the smell of pumpkins, hay rides, and Halloween candy is just beginning to tickle your nostrils. And while we love fall with all our hearts, saying goodbye to summer is always a sad moment for us; summers always bring us back to our youth, and the long, lazy days that seemed to be filled with so much promise.

If you’re like us, and are not quite ready to don your corduroys and sweaters. Never fear: There’s still a few more summer days left for flip flops, ice cream, and frolicking in the sun. Here’s a few end of summer activities in Bend to get you started during your unforgettable Bend vacation!

Visit a Volcano

Newberry National Volcanic Monument is kind of big deal in this area, and with heights reaching as high as 8000 feet, hiking Paulina Peak is NOT something you want to wait till winter to do. The weather is perfect and the time is right to explore ancient craters and lava flows in Bend.

The Bend Ale Trail

Summer days are only enhanced by the taste of an ice-cold beer sliding smoothly down your throat, and Bend has been nicknamed Beer Town USA; there are more breweries (and wineries, for those of you with a more sophisticated palate) in our small town than are in towns much larger. Take a brewery tour along the Bend Ale Trail and enjoy a taste of Bend safely.

Laughter is Good for the Soul at these Activities in Bend

The Central Oregon comedy scene offers Comedy Thursday Nights at the Summit Saloon, and the more you laugh, the younger you look! This is the spot where future Oregon superstars are discovered and current stars can’t stay away from. Saying so long to summer isn’t so bad when you can do it with a laugh!

Explore Art

Stop by the Bend Visitor Center and pick up a map for the Roundabout Art Route; in addition to galleries and stores, our art is also displayed out on the streets for everyone to enjoy! Save your pennies for souvenirs: This art tour is 100% free!

Don’t Do Anything at All

The best part of summer is spending long lazy days doing absolutely nothing, and what better place to do nothing than in your cozy Bend Vacation Rentals cabin? Sleep late, watch movies on the big screen, or watch the sunset from the porch with a glass of local wine. Summer will soon be over, and the hustle and bustle of the holidays will arrive before you know it! Reserve yours today!