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We’re not going to lie to you, we love our pastries and sweets and eat them every chance we get, but generally we feel slightly guilty when we do! The extra calories and fat taste so wonderful, but generally migrate to the places we least need them. After we have consumed the last bite of brownie or the final piece of fudge, we feel regret and sometimes shame! But, you, our dear guests, are the lucky ones: It’s a little-known fact that there are NO CALORIES OR FAT in vacation food (That’s our story anyway!), so when you are traveling to our fair city, be sure to visit the top bakeries to decide which one is your favorite bakery in Bend Oregon. We have only one requirement: We want to live vicariously through your guilt-free taste of the town!

The Sparrow Bakery in Bend Oregon, 50 East Scott Street

The popularity of a bakery can often be determined by the length of the lines waiting for a taste of their delicious goodies, and while there may be a wait at the Sparrow, their kind staff is often seen passing out free samples to help tide you over until its your turn in paradise! Also serving breakfast and lunch daily, their home-baked bread selection will make your evening meals all that sweeter when you take home a baguette or two for later enjoyment!

Nancy P’s Café & Bakery, 1054 Northwest Milwaukee Avenue

Halloween is right around the corner and Nancy P’s bakery in Bend Oregon decorated cookies are spookily spectacular! This is another bakery that caters to the breakfast and lunch crowd, and everything we’ve tried here is out of this world. Try the scones and you may wonder what you’ve ever seen in the basic cookie!

La Magie Bakery and Café, 945 NW Bond Street

When you first discover this bountiful bakery, you can be forgiven for thinking you have left Bend and stepped into a Parisian street; the sidewalk tables, rich eclairs, and strong coffee are surprisingly deceiving! Nevertheless, you haven’t left our country, and the baked goods and meals served at La Magie will have you coming back time and time again during your Bend vacation.

It Just Keeps Getting Better

How is that, you ask? Because even as you go about your culinary explorations of the best bakeries in Bend, at the end of each day you get to go home to your comfortable and stylish Bend Vacation Rentals escape! Offering spacious rooms, luxury amenities, and million-dollar views you won’t ever forget, your Bend vacation promises to be a memorable one. Contact us to reserve your stay in one of our vacation rentals today!

Bend, Oregon has a little something for everyone. This is especially true when you look at the food you can find throughout the town. Across all types of cuisine and price ranges, you can expect a consistent dedication to locally sourced food and high-quality ingredients. The following are the top five healthy places to eat in Bend.

Café Yumm

This is the place for a quick and healthy bite in the form of their Yumm Bowls. You can find vegetarian options along with some omnivore bowls. These bowls are packed with nutrients from rice, beans, avocado, and so much more. After a meal here, you will be left with great energy and an overall good feeling. Check it out either at 325 SW Powerhouse Dr or at 1500 NE Cushing Dr.

Bend-O Bento Japanese Kitchen

This is the place with the most authentic Japanese cuisine in town, and you are sure to have ever had a Bento Box quite like this. A meal here is a full experience with a fresh salad, savory soups, various types of rice, meat, and vegetables. You will not find a more complete meal in a hurry in Bend. Check it out at 1375 SE Wilson Ave.

Pure Joy Kitchen

The joy here comes from masterfully prepared organic foods. The result is the most pleasant and healthy dining experience in Bend. You need to try the smoothies here, from sweet options like the Choco Maka Milkshake to full meals in the Creamy Cilantro Soup. From here, you will find lean breakfast and lunch items featuring coconut yogurt, salads, pesto noodles, and so much more. Find it at 519 NW Colorado Ave.


This is a place to go for healthy food that comes in large portions for breakfast and dinner. You will find all the classics like pancakes and bacon along with many local, vegetarian works of art like the Locavore omelet with three eggs and whatever local vegetables are the freshest that day. Get it and much more at 1110 NW Newport Ave.

Salud Raw Food

This place’s dedication to bringing healthful foods to this community is unparalleled as they are bringing the freshest juices, wellness shots, and foods. Sweet potato chips and fresh vegetables accompany cashew-turmeric scrambles, maple coconut “bacon,” and Greek Olive Tapenade make for some of the most unique breakfast and lunches you can have. Check out Salud Raw Food at 431 NW Franklin Ave.

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