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We all know how Bend is full of attractions, and it will take more than one visit to enjoy them all. But sometimes you only have enough time for a long weekend vacation. So, what are you going to do? Well, for one thing, you need a good plan. With so many attractions, you can’t possibly visit them all in your short visit, but you can still enjoy the best the town has to offer and hope to come back again to cover the rest of it! Here are some of the best Bend attractions that draw tourists from all over the country.

Bend Attractions: High Desert Museum

This is a museum dedicated to wildlife, but this is not a regular museum with simple exhibits and some interactive shows; this is 125 acres of land where exhibits cover both indoors and outdoors, and it’s all about desert life and the hardy critters that make the desert their home. These include raptors, otters, porcupines, and reptiles. You can also visit the Miller Family Ranch and Sawmill and get a glimpse of what life used to be like in the area.

Pilot Butte

One way to get a good look of the whole town is to hike up Pilot Butte. It’s good exercise, and once you’ve reached the top you’re met with amazing views. Try to start early to beat the hot sun and also because the views in the early morning are spellbinding. This is a popular activity for both locals and tourists alike. You’re more than likely to meet other hikers along the way and get a chance to make some new friends. If you don’t like to hike, you can still go up the road in a vehicle.

Bike Surrey

When traveling in a group or with your family, you’d usually want to go everywhere together. But instead of taking a cab or public transport, why not hop on a bike surrey? It’s a lot of fun for the whole family—for both those who are pedaling and those sitting at the back and enjoying being shown around comfortably. You can plan your trip to visit the Old Mill District and the Deschutes River where there’s plenty to see and the roads are good for your unique vehicle.

Be sure to experience the best Bend attractions while you are in town. For more information and places to stay during your three-day weekend in Bend, call us today!

When traveling to places you’ve never visited before, one of the best ways to learn about its hot spots and popular activities is simply by picking up a guidebook and reading the pages within. Guidebooks offer tips on where to find the best hiking trails, the most popular restaurants, and the top tourist attractions in the area, and these books tell thousands of other potential travelers the exact same information, meaning when you get to these treasured places, you get to share the wonders with all the other travelers who have read the same books! When you book a Bend Vacation Rentals property, however, you get more than a comfortable and stylish place to rest your head each night; you get the power of our full staff behind you, offering you a different way to see the town. Here’s our list of some of the best-hidden tourist attractions Bend Oregon has to offer!

Dudley’s Book Shop Café, 135 NW Minnesota Avenue

Coffee, snacks, and good reading material go hand in hand, and although other places may offer the same three things, they don’t have the charm and tranquility found here. This bookstore cafe offers unpretentious cups of Joe, a large variety of books of all genres, and pastries purchased from local bakeries. Spending a few hours at Dudley’s on a rainy morning may end up being the highlight of your entire Bend vacation!

The Second-Best Place to View the Sunset

The best part of any vacation is watching the sunset with the ones you love, and Pilot Butte Scenic Viewpoint is the 2nd best place to do so in all of Bend (We’ll talk about the top spot a little later!). Offering three relatively simple trails that lead to the top of the cinder cone upon which it is based, Pilot Butte is famous for its 360-degree, unobstructed views of the valley.

Snowshoeing and Night Time Bonfires are a Thing

If you don’t live in a state with a lot of snow, you probably have only seen snowshoes on television and might have difficulty imagining a nighttime hike to a bonfire in the snow. Well, not only is it real, Wanderlust Tours also offers hazelnut espresso and vodka to enjoy along with the quiet of a Bend winter’s night.

Among the Best Tourist Attractions Bend, Oregon Offers

Once you’re done seeing the tourist attractions Bend Oregon prides itself on, there is plenty to experience right from your rental. Your favorite sunset viewing spot doesn’t involve any effort; simply open the door to the deck of your Bend Vacation Rentals cozy cabin, pull up a chair, and proceed to viewing! Our homes are designed to be comfortable, warm, stylish, and to have the best views in town. Reserve yours today and discover all the secrets that make our homes the only place you’ll want to stay!

Bend, Oregon is fast becoming known as one of the best places to take a vacation. This is largely due to incredible natural beauty along with a community that knows how to take advantage of it. These are the typical elements you will hear about when learning about Bend, but anyone who has spent any time here knows that the food is practically just as important as these other factors. It is easy to understand how important good food is to this community when you learn about some of the amazing Bend food festivals that are coming to this area.

Bite of Bend at these Bend Food Festivals

When it comes to food festivals in Central Oregon, this is as big of a deal as you will find. From June 15th through the 17th, the streets of downtown Bend will come to life with a celebration of the area’s local flavors and cuisine. The best chefs, bartenders, brew masters, and distillers come together to showcase some of the incredible food being made right here. There is an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients here, so everything is fresh and delicious. Enjoy this incredible food along with great live music, drinks, the famous beer run, chef competitions, classes, and so much more.

Bend Summer Festival

What better way to kick off the summer than with a celebration of art and food? That is exactly what is happening in downtown bend on July 14th and 15th with the Bend Summer Festival. There are countless ways to celebrate the summer at this festival, but you are going to want to begin and end the celebration with the food, because there are just so many delicious options. You will find over 25 food vendors that provide everything from gourmet cotton candy to the greatest variety of dumplings you have ever come across. There is something for everyone here. To go with this awesome cuisine, you will also have your pick of some of the best breweries and distilleries the area has to offer. Top it all off with some amazing music, activities, art exhibits from local artisans, and so much more.

Regardless of the type of cuisine that strikes your fancy, you will find something to accommodate it here in Bend, Oregon. The food festivals are amazing, but while they come only at select times of the year, you can rest assured that you can always find amazing food in Bend.

Bend, Oregon is known for its beautiful weather and amazing outdoor locations, but one thing that seems to get overlooked are the amazing holiday attractions. One of the most fun holidays around Bend is Halloween. Since the area is chock full of old historical buildings, there are plenty of ghost stories to go around. Take a look at just some of the amazing scary attractions in Bend.

Lara House Lodge

The Lara House Lodge is a historic lodge that lies in Bend, Oregon. This historic residence is now a quaint bed and breakfast—and it is believed to be haunted! Guests staying here have reported a ghostly visitor to their rooms at night who has been known to move objects around and make unusual whispering noises. This little lodge has become a local legend, attracting thousands every year to stay within its walls, hoping to get a glimpse of something paranormal.

Platypus Pub

This converted church now houses a tavern, but has played host to a variety of restaurants since the 1970’s. The building is supposedly haunted, with staff and diners alike reporting a shadowy apparition and an unseen presence. Some say that the apparition is a prior cook, while some say it’s the owner from years past. Whatever the case may be, Platypus Pub is one of the local favorite haunted locations that is a must see if you are looking for an encounter with the paranormal.

O’Kane Building

On the top floor of the O’Kane Building, people have reported seeing weird lights from outside the building, and hearing voices and seeing smoke when there is no one around. In the restaurant, the ghost of a waitress can be heard shouting orders, while the apparition of an old man haunts the basement. This interesting building is the home to many different ghost stories, all more terrifying than the last.

Des Chute Historical Museum

This historic museum was formerly a schoolhouse and is believed to be haunted by the apparition of a man who passed away back in 1914. Known to staff as ‘George,’ he is responsible for moving objects around the building or making them disappear completely. Some also claim to have seen a misty white apparition drifting through the hallway after hours. There are many that have reported mystical events at the museum, but nothing concrete. Try out your stomach for the paranormal at this spooky location.