Corporate and Relocation Rentals

corporateimages2Who uses corporate and relocation rentals? An example of people who rent corporate and relocation properties include the following:

• People looking for houses to rent in Bend, Oregon for business

• Buyers and sellers between escrows

• People visiting the area for an extended period of time

• People who are relocating to the area who are not yet ready to purchase their own home

• People who are temporarily displaced from their own homes

There are a number of reasons to stay at a corporate or relocation rentals, including the following:

Why use a corpate or relocation rental?

The total price per night is often much less costly than a hotel or motel, and the overall amenities and comfort provided are far superior.

A corporate or relocation rental is often much easier and convenient than an unfurnished long-term rental. There is no need to set up utilities or transfer them to a company or individual’s name, as our prices are all inclusive.

A corporate or relocation rental offers a way to combine lodging costs for multiple parties traveling together. We offer a variety of two bedroom, two bathroom or three bedroom, three bathroom properties that are comfortable and private for corporate members who are traveling together.

A corporate or relocation rental from Bend Vacation Rentals allows you to stay in Bend’s best school districts while looking for your ideal home.

corporateimages2aWhat does Bend Vacation Rentals offer?
We specialize in properties on the west side of Bend, close to the desirable shopping and dining districts of downtown Bend and the Old Mill District. All of our properties are extremely well equipped and stocked, and offer great value for the large number of amenities provided.

Additionally, we offer the following services:

24-hour client assistance. We offer a staff member on call to assist you during any and every maintenance emergency. We have a great maintenance crew who can quickly and professionally respond to any needs you may have during your stay.

We are more than happy to receive any packages delivered via FedEx, USPS, or UPS to you at our office and coordinate pickup/delivery of such packages to you at the property you are staying at.

All our vacation rentals must meet certain requirements and be fully furnished. If you have a home in Bend you like to place under our property management as a vacation rental, call us today to make an appointment.

Michele Halderman

Bend Vacation Rentals
Bend, Oregon

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