Silver Moon Brewing

Down in Bend, Oregon, beer brewing is an art. Bend is known to produce some of the best beer in the country. Generations of experienced brewers have honed their skills and passed their secrets down so that today we can enjoy their handiwork. This is not your average beer that you down at the local bar and after having a few you can’t tell one from the other; at Silver Moon Brewing, the beer is both daring and extravagant. The flavors are unconventional but they’re also memorable. It will take you a while to try all the different flavors, but it’s well worth it.


Killer Queen

One of the most anticipated cans of beers to hit the shelves of local stores, Killer Queen is touted as dynamite with a laser beam. If all of that sounds too melodramatic, it will seem like an understatement once you have tried it. The bubbles swarm on your tongue and the citrus fizz floats over your palate. The beer itself is dry which makes it easy to drink. Whether you’re washing down a bland meal or just chilling with your buddies, this is the kind of beer you want to have next to you. The best part is the finish. This is not a beer that leaves any aftertaste lingering on your tongue.



When you visit Silver Moon Brewing, you may want to take something home with you besides the beer. The shop is the place to go. Here you can find everything from headwear to apparel and accessories. They have a good collection of tanks and V-necks for the ladies. T-shirts and hoodies for both genders are available as well. The headwear is fashionable, too. Choose between a wide selection of beanies and flat-brim hats suitable for all occasions. You can visit them at 24 NW Greenwood Ave, Bend, OR 97703. You can also call (541) 388-8331 or email


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