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Riverbend Brewing Bend Oregon

As the testosterone thickens in Bend, it’s time to start discussing another local favorite brewing pub, one that mixes the cold and hoppy brews we love so much with the sports that make our leisure time so wonderful! Riverbend Brewing Sports Pub is saucy little joint that brings happiness to our lives and is destined to become your new addiction. How can you go wrong with beer, the big game, and a room full of big screens all airing your favorite team’s games? You can’t, and that’s why we’ve added Riverbend to our list of brew pubs you simply cannot miss when visiting Bend!

Riverbend Brewing Bend Oregon: Located at 2650 NE Division Street

The red clapboard sided building may or may not have a bright red classic convertible parked in its parking lot, but its easy to spot either way—especially when your favorite color happens to be red! The rich and vibrant red continues on the walls inside, offering warmth and fire on cold winter days, while glass garage doors allow the light to shine in no matter what the season. Polished wood tables, sports paraphernalia on the walls, and multiple large screen televisions placed strategically around Riverbend Brewing Sports Pub add the finishing touches to a spot that makes you feel like family—even if you do fight over the best teams!

But What About the Beer?

Craft beers can go wrong, but not the ones served at Riverbend Brewing Bend Oregon! The large, open establishment is made perfect by the addition of a large bar in the center with 15 taps serving an everchanging selection of their own beer, as well as a few offerings of guest taps! Serving beer flights and allowing for to-go orders when you BYOG (bring your own growler!), the beers found at Riverbend taste exactly like what the Oregon countryside would, if it had a taste! Rich, hoppy, and full of happy flavor, evenings spent in this pub go by quickly. Closing time already? Grab your filled growler of Boxcar Rapids and head home to your Bend Vacation Rentals cozy cabin.

Wait, There’s Food Too?

You bet there is, and we can vouch for nearly every item on the menu that features your bar food standards and a few exciting dishes that make Riverbend Brewing Bend Oregon stand out from all the other breweries! If you can’t decide what you want, try the Siracha Hot Mac and Cheese; there’s always room for mac and cheese, and this spicy dish rules the menu!

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