Turkey Trot

3 Ways to Keep the Family Entertained Over Thanksgiving in Bend Oregon

Finding a reason to travel to Bend, Oregon is never a difficult task. There are enough things to do and see along with a community that provides endless fun events, so it is always a good time to visit. But as Thanksgiving comes around, this place comes to life with the spirit of the holidays. For this reason, a Thanksgiving spent here is sure to be one of the most memorable of your life. Here are three ways to keep the family entertained during Thanksgiving in Bend Oregon.

Sisters Holiday Celebration

The best place to kick off the holidays is the Sisters Holiday Celebration, taking place this year on November 23rd and 24th. Festivities begin at 5:30 pm with the lighting of the Christmas tree. The fun continues into Saturday with their renowned holiday parade that you will not want to miss. Throughout this time, you can also take the little ones to visit Santa Claus at the Sisters Chamber of Commerce.

Turkey Trot Like Never Before

The “I Like Pie” run is a beloved tradition on Thanksgiving in Bend, and this year it is better than ever. As you may have guessed, that means more pie, but that is not all! The fun is kicking off at 9 am on Thanksgiving morning. You can partake in the untimed Turkey Trot 5k or the shorter family run/walk. This provides a great opportunity to get to know this one of a kind community. You can find it in the beautiful Old Mil District.

Go Skiing!

The time has come, or perhaps the time never left the community in Oregon. While many other mountains do not open until early December, the plan at Mt. Bachelor is to open the weekend of Thanksgiving, providing the perfect opportunity to work off that Thanksgiving dinner about 30 minutes from Bend. In the unlikely event Mt Bachelor does not open as planned, slopes that are open year-round are just a couple hours away on Mt. Hood at the Timberline Lodge!

Spend the Holiday in a Beautiful Vacation Home

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cascade village shopping center

3 Best Spots for Bend Shopping

Bend, Oregon is the pace to go for countless pursuits. Always at the top of the list are the beer and the amazing natural beauty, but the shopping throughout town is as good as you will find anywhere. This wide range of attractions makes this the perfect place to travel for even the most diverse groups of travelers. The following are the three spots for Bend shopping that you will not want to miss.

Old Mill District

Simply walking through this beautiful area provides for a fun-filled day, but when you consider all of the amazing shops throughout the area, you could spend an entire week exploring here and not get sick of it. Among all that there is to see and do, you can find over 40 shops ranging from local boutiques to classic, national outlets. Desperado is a boutique offering some of the most unique fashion for men and women. Francesca’s is the go-to spot for high quality apparel, jewelry, and décor. You will also find classic like Lululemon, Banana Republic, REI, and much more.

Cascade Village Shopping Center

Situated on the north side of town, you will find everything you need at the Cascade Village Shopping Center. This open-air shopping center provides the perfect opportunity to get outside and explore Bend, all the while having the opportunity to visit over 30 merchants like Men’s Wearhouse, World Market, Bed Bath and Beyond, and so much more. You will find a wonderful blend of opportunities for shopping for utility, fashion, convenience, and everything in between.

Hot Box Betty

This upscale women’s boutique is the place to go for women’s fashion. They carry some of the most unique and beautiful clothing, accessories, and jewelry in Bend. Items you will find here come from some of the most fashion-forward places in the world like New York and Paris to name just a couple. Find it at 903 NW Wall Street.

Find an Amazing Vacation Rental

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High Desert Museum

What to Do in Bend Oregon for Halloween 2018?

There is always something fun going on in Bend. This packed schedule, along with the incredible beauty here, make it a no-brainer destination for a vacation regardless of the time of year. But when the fall season is in full swing and Halloween is coming around, there are more reasons than ever to visit Bend. This is because you will find many ideas on what to do in Bend to celebrate this fun holiday.

Old Mill District Halloween Party

Join this lively community in the beautiful area of the Old Mill District for a night of fun and plenty of treats. Along with a costume contest for the humans and the pets, visitors can enjoy a reptile petting zoo, arts and crafts, hay rides, and so much more. Enjoy music from local artists along with incredible local craft beverages like hot cider, unique beers, and some Halloween inspired concoctions. Find it on Halloween night from 4 to 7 pm throughout the streets of the Old Mill District.

Enjoy Some Ghost Stories

Like any city with a rich history, Bend has its share of haunted locations. Halloween is the best time to check some of these places out hearing spooky stories of their history. The Deschutes Historical Society leads tours of some of the local favorites every October. The tour starts at the museum where a man fell to his death during its construction in 1914, and after all these years he can still be heard roaming the museum’s halls. You will also explore the Old St. Francis School and the O’Kane Building, among many others.

Fun at the High Desert Museum

You can always count on a fun Halloween at the High Desert Museum, where it is custom to share some local cautionary tales with the help of many live animals. Enjoy costume contests, Halloween snacks, and much more. Find the museum at 59800 US-97.

Find a Not-So-Spooky Vacation Home

There are plenty of spooky suggestions on what to do in Bend Oregon this Halloween, but finding a vacation home that you love is not one of them, especially when you take advantage of the services of Bend Vacation Rentals, one of the top such companies in Central Oregon. When you look through the listings that we provide, you will not find any haunted houses, but properties that provide all of the comforts of home along with some luxurious twists consistent with world class resorts: spacious floor plans house high quality furniture, cozy beds, flat screen TVs, fireplaces, gourmet kitchens, and so much more. Find the vacation home of your dream by browsing our selection of Bend rental homes today!

Salud Raw Food

5 Best Healthy Places to Eat in Bend

Bend, Oregon has a little something for everyone. This is especially true when you look at the food you can find throughout the town. Across all types of cuisine and price ranges, you can expect a consistent dedication to locally sourced food and high-quality ingredients. The following are the top five healthy places to eat in Bend.

Café Yumm

This is the place for a quick and healthy bite in the form of their Yumm Bowls. You can find vegetarian options along with some omnivore bowls. These bowls are packed with nutrients from rice, beans, avocado, and so much more. After a meal here, you will be left with great energy and an overall good feeling. Check it out either at 325 SW Powerhouse Dr or at 1500 NE Cushing Dr.

Bend-O Bento Japanese Kitchen

This is the place with the most authentic Japanese cuisine in town, and you are sure to have ever had a Bento Box quite like this. A meal here is a full experience with a fresh salad, savory soups, various types of rice, meat, and vegetables. You will not find a more complete meal in a hurry in Bend. Check it out at 1375 SE Wilson Ave.

Pure Joy Kitchen

The joy here comes from masterfully prepared organic foods. The result is the most pleasant and healthy dining experience in Bend. You need to try the smoothies here, from sweet options like the Choco Maka Milkshake to full meals in the Creamy Cilantro Soup. From here, you will find lean breakfast and lunch items featuring coconut yogurt, salads, pesto noodles, and so much more. Find it at 519 NW Colorado Ave.


This is a place to go for healthy food that comes in large portions for breakfast and dinner. You will find all the classics like pancakes and bacon along with many local, vegetarian works of art like the Locavore omelet with three eggs and whatever local vegetables are the freshest that day. Get it and much more at 1110 NW Newport Ave.

Salud Raw Food

This place’s dedication to bringing healthful foods to this community is unparalleled as they are bringing the freshest juices, wellness shots, and foods. Sweet potato chips and fresh vegetables accompany cashew-turmeric scrambles, maple coconut “bacon,” and Greek Olive Tapenade make for some of the most unique breakfast and lunches you can have. Check out Salud Raw Food at 431 NW Franklin Ave.

Find a Beautiful Vacation Home in Bend

Now that you have a few ideas on how you can get quality food to energize you for your Bend adventures, it is time to find a place that gives you a quality to place to rest between those adventures. Luckily, this is easier to find than ever with Bend Vacation Rentals—the best vacation rental company in Bend. This status has been solidified by one of the best and most diverse set of listings and services that go above and beyond. You will find luxurious properties along with quaint cottages throughout the Bend’s beautiful neighborhoods. Regardless of budget or the size of your group, you will find the perfect place for you by checking out our listings today!

Bend Upcoming Events

5 Incredible Ways to Spend Labor Day Weekend in Bend

Regardless of the time of year, there is something to love about a trip to Bend. However, this is especially true in September, when the tail end of summer brings great weather and plenty of ways to take advantage. That is why you should consider a trip to Bend for this year’s Labor Day Weekend. The following are the top five most incredible ways to spend a Labor Day Weekend in Bend and one of our favorite Bend upcoming events.

Little Woody is One of the Top Bend Upcoming Events

This festival is one of the top Bend upcoming events you must attend if you enjoy unique and delicious beers. On August 21st and September 1st, some of the town’s favorite breweries bring out their most special barrel-aged brews for everyone to enjoy. The beer is Bend is always amazing, but this experience allows you to enjoy the best of the best. You can also enjoy awesome music and food, all on the lawn of the Deschutes Historical Museum.

Go Skiing

You read that correctly! Mount Hood is the only skiing area in the Continental United States that provides year-round skiing, and it is only about an hour north of Bend. You can find it at Timberline Lodge. Skiing and snowboarding are certainly not the first things that come to mind when you think of Labor Day, but it is definitely one of the most fun and unique things you could possibly do during the holiday.

Chase Waterfalls

This is not necessarily specific to Labor Day Weekend, but it is still one of the most incredible ways to spend a day around Bend. You will find countless waterfalls within an hour of Bend, but one of the coolest is only 30 minutes from the center of town in Tumalo Falls. It only takes about an hour of hiking to reach this awe-inspiring sight of a 220-foot waterfall.

Float Down the Deschutes River

There are many great tours of the Bend area, but none provide the great sights and relaxation of a simple float down the Deschutes River. This is the perfect time of year to take advantage, as the weather is still warm enough for a comfortable float, but the insane crowds have thinned out a bit. You simply need to get a hold of some rafts, tubes, or even an air mattress and launch from a safe and calm part of the river like Riverbend Park.

Hit the Golf Course

There are many amazing courses throughout town, including three that made it into Golf Digest’s top 100 in the country. Any Oregon local will tell you that the best golf in the state is waiting for you in Bend, and you will understand why after visiting any one of these courses. You can find a wide variety of courses—everything from tree-lined fairways to rolling hills.

Stay in One of the Best Homes Bend Has to Offer

It is easier than ever to find the best real estate in Bend available for rental with the help of Bend Vacation Rentals, the premiere rental agency in town. We go above and beyond in providing the most comprehensive list of homes in Bend. Looking for a swanky condo amidst the excitement of downtown? No problem. Are you looking for something tucked away in some of the area’s beautiful wilderness? Great! No matter what size or location, you can be sure you will find a place to stay in Bend that will be cozy, luxurious, and beautiful. Contact us today to book your dream vacation!

El Sancho Taco Shop

Best Quick Places to Eat in Bend

Bend has grown from a small town in Central Oregon, to a bustling cultural center. Efforts here are focused primarily around art, music, and most importantly; food. You can find everything from the swanky dining experience to something quick and casual. When you are vacation around Bend, it is important to know about a few places where you can get a quick and quality bite. The following are just a few of those places to eat in Bend.

Curbside Bistro

The quick preparation of food makes this a very convenient option for a bite to eat for so many people, but the quality of the food itself is the main reason that the Curbside Bistro has become a local favorite. You will not find food like this every day, as they take classic pub fare and add delicious French and Italian twists to it. Everything is made from scratch, from the burgers to the pasta. Find this tasty gem at 1009 NW Galveston.

El Sancho Taco Shop

At El Sancho Taco Shop you get the charm and authentic taste of Mexican street food with the fresh and quality ingredients that this community has come to expect. This is quite simply the best place in Bend for tacos. You can get the classics like carne asada or al pastor while also experimenting with some new things like mushroom tacos, potato tacos, and much more. You can also expect a subtle taste unlike anything you have ever tried thanks to their unique style of cooking with the rocket stove. Here, you get the best of all worlds: food that is made from scratch, quickly, and for a very reasonable price. Visit the shop at 335 NE Dekalb Ave or the shack at the Crux Fermentation Project.

The Phat Saddle

This charming little shack epitomizes quick and quality eats, especially if you are in the mood for a delicious hot dog, as this is their specialty. It all starts with the most quality hot dogs and even vegetarian dog options and extends to an incredible list of ‘phixins’ which includes all of the classics along with sausage gravy, chili sauce, and much more. Find it at the corner of 9th and Armour for a satisfying meal before your adventures.

Beautiful Vacation Rentals

Now that you have a few ideas of where you can sustain yourself throughout your trip, it is time to turn your attention to where you will be staying while in Bend. Of course, there is no shortage of great options throughout the community, but nothing truly compares to the vacation homes offered by Bend Vacation Rentals. We have been putting travelers into the vacation homes of their dreams for years, and you can be next! See the amazing quality we offer for yourself by browsing our selection of homes today.

Crater Lake National Park

Day Trips From Bend, Oregon

There is no doubt that Bend, Oregon provides endless ways to spend a worthwhile vacation. There is no need to go outside of this incredible city to find fun things to do. With being said, it is in such an incredible area that there are so many things to explore outside of the city itself. These are the perfect conditions for an unforgettable day trips from Bend, Oregon. The following are few ideas regarding some of the awesome day trip opportunities that await you here!

Crater Lake National Park

Only two hours from the city, you can find one of the most beautiful national parks in the world in Crater Lake National Park. Amidst some of the bluest water you will ever come across, you can enjoy the sights of volcanic islands, stunning mountains, and a lush alpine forest. Almost 10,000 years ago, there was a massive eruption that collapsed in on itself. The result is the deepest lake in the country and one of the most beautiful places in the world. Finding a place on the shore and enjoying the sights is an awesome way to spend a day, but you can always part take in some hiking and water recreation.

Crooked River Scenic Drive

This is an awesome option because the fun of this day trip lies within the trip itself. Along this journey you will encounter some of the most stunning landscape in the country. The road weaves you in and out of canyons, along rivers, across rock formations, and through awe-inspiring valleys. Simply taking the drive is sure to provide for an unforgettable experience, but there are countless amazing locations throughout that are perfect for a stop and picnic.

Sisters, Oregon

This town is among the most charming you will ever come across, and it is only about 20 minutes from Bend. It is a beautiful place that feels as if it is stuck in the old west. Not only is it beautiful, but it is home to countless events throughout the year, so there is always something exciting going on here. One of the most popular of these events is the Sisters Rodeo.

Find a Wonderful Place to Call Home

This wonderful city provides a seemingly endless list of options when it comes to where you will stay while here. You can always find a hotel, but that does not provide nearly the same comfort and privacy that you will get from one of the area’s incredible vacation rentals. Now, finding the right home for you has never been easier, especially with the help of Bend Vacation Rentals. Our easy to use booking system makes it so simple to find a wonderful place to stay —check it out today!

Bend Summer Events

5 Bend Summer Events You Don’t Want to Miss

It is always a good time to visit Bend, Oregon. Regardless of the time of year, you can expect to find a unique beauty and countless ways to take advantage of it. Outdoor activities are the real calling card of this town in central Oregon, but the summer comes with a variety of events that visitors love! The following are five of the best Bend summer events you will not want to miss.

Bite of Bend

This is an event that should not be missed by any lover of food, because it is one of the best celebrations of food you will find anywhere. The celebration is taking place from June 15th through the 17th and features incredible food samples and meals from some of the most beloved restaurants in town. Beyond absolutely delicious food, you can enjoy a “top chef” competition, bartending competitions, live music, and much more.

4 Peaks Music Festival

From June 21st through June 24th, Bend’s most popular 4-day festival is taking over the gorgeous venue of Stevenson Ranch. On top of beautiful weather and scenery, you can expect incredible music from all types of bands so there is something for everyone. You will find bluegrass, folk, reggae, and everything in between. Make it an extra special experience by camping out throughout the weekend.

Bend Summer Festival

This year between July 13th and 15th comes Oregon’s oldest and biggest arts festival. During this time, seven blocks of downtown’s coolest areas are transformed into a beautiful festival grounds that provides three stages for live music, a whole street for food and wine, and of course, all of the amazing art that you can handle. This is one of the Bend summer events the whole family will enjoy!

Balloons Over Bend

There is nothing quite like hot air balloons peacefully making their way across this beautiful town, and that is exactly what you will get from July 27th until July 29th. Balloons will be launched every day and the festival headquarters at the Deschutes Historical Museum will be home to bouncy houses and other great activities for the kids.

Bend Brewfest

As August approaches, summer in Bend is coming to a close, but there is much more to enjoy, like the Bend Brewfest from August 16th through the 18th. This is a must-attend event for any lover of beer as you can get your hands on some of the most classic and experimental batches of beer anywhere in the world. Check it out at the Les Schwab Amphitheatre!

Top Off these Bend Summer Events with a Cozy Place to Call Home

Bend is a place that essentially requires great adventure because of all the opportunities that it provides. As such, you need to stay at a cozy and convenient home if you are to be properly rested for these adventures. The vacation homes provided by Bend Vacation Rentals offer everything from beautiful aesthetics and luxurious accommodations to a convenient location.

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Bend pizza

Best Pizza Restaurants in Bend

It’s one of our first favorite foods: pizza. When you’re on vacation, it’s perfectly fine to indulge your inner child and check out the local pizza places—or, look for something a little fancier if your tastes have grown up with you! Either way, Bend has you covered. Check out one of these Bend pizza spots for your pizza craving.

Bend Pizza Kitchen

Bend Pizza Kitchen is newer to the block, but they’ve already made a name for themselves with a wholesome menu and easy to work with staff. They proudly host live music and community events, making them a favorite neighborhood stop. Their point of pride is their fresh, organic ingredients, with daily-made dough and sauces and gluten-free options available. In addition to pizzas, Bend Pizza Kitchen also offers calzones, sandwiches, and desserts, plus a selection of beers and wines. As a special bonus, BPK will deliver your order—beers and wine included! BPK is in the west part of Bend, west of Compass Park on Northwest Crossing Drive.

Abby’s Legendary Pizza

Are you new to the northwest? If so, you should try Abby’s Legendary Pizza while you’re here! The quality of the pizza is indisputable, as even a basic cheese pizza here makes a delicious meal. What’s exciting is the way that Abby’s pushes the envelope. Taco pizza is one exciting way they’ve spiced up the pizza world, as are some of their more creative topping options, like grilled oyster. Find Abby’s near the center of Bend, off NE 3rd Street and NE Kearny Street.

Olde Towne Pizza Company

Are you looking for something a little more no-frills? Do you have a hankering for something homey? Olde Towne may be what you’re looking for. This is one of the best local options for a place to sit down and enjoy a pie. The service takes time, but the place is clean, welcoming, and makes one heck of a pizza—it’s that simple. It’s near Old Bend, on NW Greenwood Avenue a little west of Bend Parkway.

Taste Central Oregon’s Bend Pizza with Bend Vacation Rentals

From pizza to beer, from skiing to biking, Bend offers the best of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Enjoy your own Bend getaway with a vacation rental! Instead of a tiny hotel room, spend a little extra for some added privacy and plenty of amenities. In fact, we’ve got homes with barbecue grills, hot tubs, garages, and more! So just head to our home page, plug in your dates, and see what we have to offer—or call 541-385-9492 with any questions, or to book on the phone! Your mountain getaway awaits!

Best Summer Festivals in Bend, Oregon

The temperatures are climbing—are you already excited for your summer mountain getaway and Bend summer events? If not, get excited with these fantastic festivals happening this summer in Bend, Oregon:

Oregon Senior Games

Looking to prove that you’re still spry and coordinated? Looking for a reason to keep pushing yourself? Look no further than the Oregon Senior Games! Hosted in Bend this year, these games include a variety of sports, from 5k and 10k to swimming to archery to pickleball to bowling. Plus, these games are qualifiers for the 2019 National Senior Games; this means it’s your chance to prove your mettle and for the crowd to see who rises to the top. And even if you’re not the most athletic, there are still awards recognizing other aspects, including miles traveled to arrive and the sportsmanship award. The games stretch from June 2nd to the 17th.

Bend Summer Events: Four Peaks Music Festival

What’s summer without a major music festival to go to? Bend’s Four Peaks Music Festival scratches your itch for live music with four days of performances with a variety of genres. Two stages keep the music going all day long, while the Kidlandia activity center makes sure that the younger ones have fun too. This year, the festival is happening June 21st-24th. It’s happening at 21085 Knott Road, about 15 to 20 minutes southwest of Bend.

Bend Summer Festival

Perhaps the biggest summer festival—simply called the Bend Summer Festival—this event is an arts festival, nearing its 30th anniversary. It is far more than a gallery walk—the festival spans seven blocks and attracts over 50,000 people! You’ll see stunning creations in metal, glass, wood, and ceramics, as well as beautiful paintings, photos, and mixed media pieces. Plus, live music on three different stages accents the enjoyment of art.

The Summer Festival takes place right in downtown Bend. A kick-off concert begins the festival on Friday, July 14th, with the rest of the festival happening on the 15th.

Bend Vacation Rentals: Make the Most of Your Vacation

Any of these festivals is a great excuse to visit Oregon’s favorite mountain town, and to maximize your fun while you’re here. When you’re not playing games or listening to music, come see the beautiful hiking trails and enjoy our fabulous weather. Then, wind down in a gorgeous vacation rental. Bend Vacation Rentals features only the best properties—immaculate homes-away-from-home for your relaxation and enjoyment. Use our easy online booking process to plug in your dates and find the property that suits you! For questions, just call 541-385-9492. A marvelous vacation awaits—set it up today!