Beer This Spring Break in Bend

Spring Break in Bend: Fun Things to Do in Bend

When March rolls around that means spring has finally come to Bend, Oregon and with it, Spring Break is being planned. Adult travelers can join in on all the fun things to do in Bend and enjoy an exciting Spring Break trip season. Here is how to plan for the perfect Spring Break in Bend:

Fun Things to Do in Bend This Spring Break 

The spring season can either be very cold with plenty of snow still on the ground or warm and sunny depending on how the season is developing. Regardless of the weather, Bend is every outdoor enthusiast’s playground, just waiting to be explored. For the colder spring seasons make your way over to Mt.Bachelor for unbelievable skiing trails. Local trainers can have you perfecting your moves in no time! For the warmer spring seasons, you will find endless hiking trails in and out of Bend. Many of these hiking trails run parallel to the Deschutes River for an incredible backdrop to your journey.

Enjoy the Breweries

Bend may not have the eclectic nightlife that the bigger cities have but it more than makes up for it with the city’s many breweries. Oregon is the craft beer capital of the country with tons of breweries to try out. Make it a little adventure by touring the Bend Ale Trail, where you can receive stamps for each brewery you visit. If beer is not your adult beverage of choice you can visit one of the many wine bars featuring some of the best wine on the West Coast! Getting around Bend after an afternoon of drinking is as easy as calling a rideshare or taxi back to your vacation rental.

Indulge Your Cravings

Let your appetite run wild, as the restaurant scene in Bend is like no other. Dine in at Spork for an amazing Mexican-Asian fusion that has become a Bend favorite. Or start your morning with brunch at Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails!

Visit the Historic Downtown District

All of the essential entertainment experiences can be found in the historic downtown neighborhood. Visit Tower Theater for incredible live stage shows or shop at the unique boutiques across the street. There is no better place to go to find that perfect souvenir of your Spring Break in Bend!

Your Spring Break Destination

Start planning for your Spring Break in Bend today by reserving one of our vacation rentals. Our exclusive listings feature homes with luxury amenities and all of the comfortable furnishings for your stay. Each rental is right around the corner from these fun things to do in Bend and more for your Spring Break in Bend.

Upcoming Events in Bend to Check Out

As the final days of winter begin to slide into the early days of spring, the city of Bend doesn’t lose its momentum. The fun keeps happening, and the excitement keeps growing, ensuring your stay in our mountain village will be exactly what you hoped for. And when you plan your visit around these upcoming events, the wow factor amps up even more! We’ve compiled this guide to upcoming events in Bend for you to peruse; find what you like and plan your unforgettable Oregon experience around that event!

Oregon WinterFest, Old Mill District, February 15th through February 17th

What better way to celebrate one of our favorite seasons than with a big party? The Oregon WinterFest is an annual event offering three days of unending music, tasty foods, and all the beer and wine you care to drink! Every minute of this three-day event is exciting and fun and you won’t want to miss a minute of the festivities, so purchase your tickets here and save a few bucks—literally! Tickets purchased at the gate will cost $3 more.

2019 Central Oregon Golf Show, Deschutes Convention Center, March 30th

As the winter thaws begin, many of our guests’minds turn to one thing: GOLF! Golf fans are an obsessed bunch, and in some snowy regions, they have actually discovered ways to play throughout the winter and at night with colored and glow-in-the-dark balls! In any case, the Central Oregon Golf Show is a much-awaited event in Bend, offering the opportunity to check out the latest and greatest equipment that’s available, meet with golf pros, and perhaps pick up a new golf shirt or two.

2019 Salmon Run, Athletic Club of Bend, April 7th

Mmmm, salmon! It’s our favorite fish and can be served in a multitude of ways, each one delicious. But the 2019 Salmon Run really has nothing to do with salmon and everything to do with running! This half-marathon, 10K, and 5K run takes its participants along well-maintained paved and dirt trails through some of the most beautiful scenery that Bend has to offer. And because this event takes place in the spring, it’s destined to be even more beautiful than ever! Offering a post-race celebration that includes the best local meals, drinks, and swag from the sponsors of this fun run, your Bend vacation promises to rise above all others when you take part! It’s definitely one of the best upcoming events in Bend to visit!

Book a Stay to Experience the Upcoming Events in Bend

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skiing and snowboarding in Bend

Skiing and Snowboarding in Bend

As we enter the coldest days of winter, instead of hibernating in their homes and waiting for warmer temperatures, many of our Bend Vacation Rentals guests are realizing their biggest dreams: a winter vacation spent outside schussing down the slopes on two skinny sticks or one fat board! Winter fans are a different breed of people, bringing energy to our town and a feeling of kinship with the residents who also share their love of frigid temps,and if you are one who doesn’t feel alive unless you’re speeding down a mountaintop, this guide to skiing and snowboarding in Bend will make sure you don’t miss out on a single minute of snowy fun!

Mt. Bachelor is the Place for Skiing and Snowboarding in Bend

Located just 22 miles outside of Bend, Mt. Bachelor is famous for more than a few things, the most interesting being its volcano beginnings! And although it has been dormant for thousands of years, back in its prime this mountain was a blast of hot lava—literally! Today it is the highest mountain in the state, making it a popular winter sports spot for visitors from all over the world. Challenging enough to keep experienced skiers from losing interest but not so difficult as to scare away the novice skiers or snowboarders, it’s one of our favorite places for skiing and snowboarding in Bend no matter what the season!

First Time Skiing or Snowboarding?

Lessons are offered for skiers of all ages and skill levels and include a choice between inexpensive group lessons and a little pricier private lessons, both of which ensure that your day on the slopes will be safe and exciting! Featuring a beginner’s lift that is free to all who use it and kids ski free packages, this family-friendly mountain promises to be the most exciting part of your Bend getaway! With a season that begins in November and generally lasts through May and snow that is soft and fluffy (as opposed to the icy sleet and slopes found in many Northern ski resorts), winter sportsmen won’t want to come in out of the chill—until it’s time for après ski drinks, of course!

Come on Out of the Cold and into the Warmth

When your cheeks are cherry red and you can no longer feel your fingers and toes, coming in out of the cold will be a good thing when staying with us! Our Bend vacation rentals offer a classic escape that is cheerful, welcoming, and warm. Reserve your stay with us today!

Bend festival in summer

Upcoming Bend Festivals

The beginning of a new year is our favorite time. There are 365 days stretching out before us, waiting to be filled with laughter, love, and adventures to places we have never visited before. And when it’s time to start filling some of your days with adventures to those places, a visit to our hometown of beautiful Bend, Oregon should be at the top of your vacation bucket list! Welcoming and inviting at any time of the year, during the festival time the excitement gets amped up even more, making your Oregon getaway even more magical than you imagined it could be. Here’s a list of some of our favorite upcoming Bend festivals; let’s get the vacation planning started!

Oregon Winterfest, February 15th-February 17th, Old Mill District

Winter is one of our favorite seasons in Bend and we celebrate its wonders with the Oregon Winterfest. Featuring ice sculptures, live musical entertainment, a wine walk, and a royal run, every second of every day is filled to the brim with exciting activities and fun adventures. And once darkness falls, the cold of an Oregon winter night is chased away with the warmth of the fires from the firepit competition. Your winter break is destined to be a great one when planned to coincide with this chill winter festival!

Bite of Bend, June 23rd-June 25th

As you huddle under blankets with the heater blasting beside you, it may be difficult to believe, but summer IS coming sooner than you think, and it’s never too soon to start planning that summer vacation! And because the best vacations always involve the tastiest foods, Bite of Bend offers the opportunity to taste the best of our town! Featuring multiple restaurants serving meals they have designed to entice, a mixology showcase for the over-21 crowd and a root beer run for the wee ones, this epicurean adventure is bound to be the highlight of your summer getaway.

Bend Summer Festival, July 7th through July 9th

Summer days and nights are special ones in Oregon, and the Bend Summer Festival celebrates the good times that accompany the longest days of the years. Featuring live music being performed on three stages that will have you dancing in your seats, tasty food, refreshing beverages, and a play zone for your littles, no one knows how to throw a party better than a Bendite, and this Bend festival is the proof!

Celebrate in Style After These Bend Festivals

Whether it’s a tasty food festival or a funky music fest that brings you to Bend, staying in one of our Bend Vacation Rentals properties will be the best part of an already stellar vacation. Reserve yours today and discover the luxury of celebrating in style!

oregon winter activities fun on the ice

Winter Oregon Activities to Experience in Bend

As the holidays have ended and we venture deeper into winter,it sometimes feels as if we have nothing to look forward to for a very long time; summer and its warmth and sunshine is a long way away and while spring is closer, it still remains just out of reach. Instead of becoming glum and morose, however, we think you should embrace the magic of winter and start planning a trip to our favorite mountain town; Bend offers winter Oregon activities and events guaranteed to brighten your outlook and quite possibly make you wish that winter would go on forever. Here’s our guide to some of the wonderful things you can try during your winter break in Bend.

Winterfest, Old Mill District, February 15th through 17th

Sometimes,all you need to shake off the winter blues is a celebration of all the fun things winter can bring,and Winterfest is just what you need! Featuring fire pits and s’mores, ice sculptures and fire-breathing dragons, and live music that is guaranteed to keep you dancing in your seats, this unique festival is the perfect way to rediscover the magic of the cold!

It’s the Little Things That Can Matter the Most

If you don’t live in an area where snow is an everyday winter occurrence, you’ll soon find that even the smallest activities can be made better with snow! Building a snowman with your kids can create memories that last a lifetime, bundling up in your warmest winter clothes for a hike along the Deschutes River, or simply catching a snowflake on your tongue; none of these activities are earth shattering adventures but all will add a touch of magic to your once-in-a-lifetime Oregon vacation.

Winter Oregon Activities: Outdoor Ice Skating

The romance of gliding around an outdoor ice rink, feeling the cold of the winter air kiss your nose as snowflakes gently fall around you simply cannot be matched and when you spend a few hours at the Seventh Mountain Ice Skating Rink,you’ll wish your time here never had to end. Located at 18575 SW Century Drive and costing $7 for adults and $5 for kids (skate rentals are $7 and $5 respectively) this winter activity is one of our favorite ways to up the romance factor in our own households but is also a great activity for those traveling with children!

Choose Bend Vacation Rentals for your Winter Escape

Warm and welcoming, our properties are the perfect place to unwind after a day of winter Oregon activitiesreserve yours today!

Drinks made at Bend Nightlife

A Party Lover’s Guide to the Bend Nightlife

Bend is famous throughout the world for being THE place for outdoor fun. The hiking trails are plentiful, the landscape is so stunning you won’t want to be inside any longer than you have to, and skiing on Mt. Bachelor in the winter is an experience every skier adds to their bucket list. But what many people do not know is that unlike many mountain towns, the fun does not end at sundown; the party continues for as long as you can take it! And if you’re the type who is always on the lookout for the best party, this guide to Bend nightlife will ensure your Bend vacation nights will be spent in the hottest spots around!

Astro Lounge, 939 NW Bond Street

This cozy spot in downtown Bend looks as if it could have been the star of its own movie. Brick walls on the inside are lined with local artwork, video lottery machines glow in the night, and a light-lined patio allows for the good times to continue outside. During the day it’s a popular spot for burgers and brews, but after 8pm each night the vibe changes completely helped in part by the large glass bar that is the center point of all that is fun! Live music on weekends plus crowds of beautiful people enjoying the music, the drinks, and the company mean this party is missing only one thing—you!

Velvet, 805 NW Wall Street

Even the name brings on images of items plush and hip, and this hipster bar located in the heart of Bend will make you feel the warmth of its name. Hip, trendy, and quirky, the drinks served here offer a certain charm, as they are all served in mason jars! The party starts every night at 5 and the memories of good times, great people, and stellar drinks will live on forever! Try the Blue Velvet, made from blueberry vodka and house-made lemonade, and you may never want to drink anything else ever again!

Seven Restaurant & Nightclub, 1033 NW Bond Street

Disco balls and DJ’s will both be spinning when you party at Seven. Offering tasty food, delicious drinks, and a sophisticated spot to celebrate your unforgettable Oregon vacation, this might be our favorite place to party in the Bend nightlife! The music is always hot, the drinks are always cold, and the people are even hotter than the music!

The Quiet After the Storm of Bend Nightlife

All good things must come to an end, but sometimes the end of a good thing leads to an even greater thing. Coming home to your Bend Vacation Rentals cozy escape is that greater thing! Quiet and peaceful, comfortable and cozy, our homes offer a sense of home you won’t ever find in a sterile hotel room—reserve yours today!

The Arnold Ice Cave, one of the top places to see in Bend

Places to See in Bend That are Off the Beaten Path

Your vacation in Bend promises to be unlike any other you have taken. Quiet and peaceful even during the high tourist season, our small mountain village offers an experience you rarely find in today’s crazy world! Close to skiing, beautiful hiking trails, and natural scenic attractions, there’s always something to do during your stay.

For those who have a natural abhorrence of crowds, we have provided this guide to the off the beaten path places to see in Bend that only locals know about—because we care, we like you, and we want you to make the magical memories you have always dreamed of when staying in one of our cozy and comfortable Bend Vacation Rentals vacation escapes.

Peterson Rock Garden and Museum, 7930 SW 77th Street, Redmond

Actually located between Bend and Redmond, the Peterson Rock Garden has been charming locals for years, and this year you’re going to be the one who is entranced! The rock garden began simply enough all the way back in 1935 when Rasmus Peterson started collecting rocks that were within a 35-mile radius of his property. The garden covers four acres and has a collection of miniature homes, castles, churches, and even some monuments, all built of local rocks. Colorful peacocks roam freely on the land, and in a fenced-area, cuddly and fuzzy alpacas graze happily, adding a touch of warmth to what could otherwise be considered a stark, although creative, scene. Our favorite part of this place to see in Bend is the miniature bridge built over the pond filled with lily pads, but you have to see it for yourself to discover what you love most!

Five Fusion & Sushi Bar, 821 NW Wall Street #100

Dining out can get pricey when you live in a tourist town, but we learned long ago there are two types of restaurants: the ones the tourists eat at, and the ones we locals can easily afford! And because we enjoy sushi on a regular basis, Five Fusion & Sushi Bar is where you’ll find us on a quiet Tuesday night! Open nightly from 4-9 (10 on Fridays & Saturdays), their Happy Hour deals last from 4-6 and are substantial, delicious, and very reasonably priced!

Arnold Ice Cave

Pretty much everyone who visits Bend has heard of the Lava River Cave, but not many research further to discover the Arnold Ice Cave. Located about 12 miles southeast of our hometown, it was created from a lava flow over 80,000 years ago and today is a magical place to visit, albeit a cold one. Average temperatures barely rise over freezing, and the ice that is an integral part of the cave creates a slippery situation for the hearty explorers who make their way to this hidden treasure. Closed from November 1 through April 15th for bat hibernation season, if this cool cave sounds interesting to you, you might want to plan your trip around this critical time period.

Offering Off the Beaten Path Hideaways for the Best Places to See in Bend

We know people have different expectations of the best way to vacation, and so our homes are designed for different likes. Hidden away in the Bend countryside or based in the bustling downtown area, our homes are destined to be exactly what you dreamed of—reserve yours today!

Bend winter activities

4 Fun Bend Winter Activities to Enjoy Outdoors

As a vacation destination, Bend, Oregon is open all year round. But winter is always a special time of the year for visitors. There’s a lot of fun Bend winter activities to enjoy in this paradise. Blessed with record snowfall every year, the area enjoys some of the best powder snow in the country, something that all winter sports enthusiasts crave and seek. So if you’re wondering what you’re going to do in Bend this winter, buckle up, because this is one thrilling ride that will stick in your memory for years to come.

Nordic Skiing

The top of the list of every visitor is reserved for Nordic Bend skiing. This ancient practice goes back thousands of years, when people in Northern Europe used it to travel around. It is an exhilarating experience that puts you face to face with Mother Nature in its raw and sublime state. Similar to summer hiking, Nordic skiing sees you traversing trails covered with untouched snow. Make sure to stick to the trails and travel in groups.

Alpine Bend Skiing

Bend is nestled nicely at the base of Mt. Bachelor, which provides some of the best skiing trails you can come across in the lower 48. So if winter is your season and skiing is your sport, Mt. Bachelor should be on your bucket list. Here you will have 360 degrees of accessible terrains, dry powder snow, and breathtaking views you won’t get anywhere else.

Dog Sled Rides

With so much easy terrain covered with the best snow the skies have to offer, this is your opportunity to get on a sled ride where dogs do all the work. Take part in one of the many tours offered by the local businesses and get a dream ride unlike any other. Many of these dogs have competed in the Iditarod, so you’ll be riding with champions.


When you’ve had your fill of skiing and made your journey with the athletic dogs, you may want to give tubing a try. Instead of sleds, you use rubber to carry you down the slopes. The ride is long and full of screams of joy and excitement, so it’s easy to see why this sport is getting more and more popular with the visitors and locals alike.

Bend, Oregon, is the place to be this winter. With amazing dry powder snow and some of the best terrain in the country, winter has never been more fun. Call us today to find out more about Bend winter activities and to book your vacation rental.

3 Hidden Tourist Attractions Bend Oregon Is Famous For

When traveling to places you’ve never visited before, one of the best ways to learn about its hot spots and popular activities is simply by picking up a guidebook and reading the pages within. Guidebooks offer tips on where to find the best hiking trails, the most popular restaurants, and the top tourist attractions in the area, and these books tell thousands of other potential travelers the exact same information, meaning when you get to these treasured places, you get to share the wonders with all the other travelers who have read the same books! When you book a Bend Vacation Rentals property, however, you get more than a comfortable and stylish place to rest your head each night; you get the power of our full staff behind you, offering you a different way to see the town. Here’s our list of some of the best hidden tourist attractions Bend, Oregon has to offer!

Dudley’s Book Shop Café, 135 NW Minnesota Avenue

Coffee, snacks, and good reading material go hand in hand, and although other places may offer the same three things, they don’t have the charm and tranquility found here. This bookstore cafe offers unpretentious cups of Joe, a large variety of books of all genres, and pastries purchased from local bakeries. Spending a few hours at Dudley’s on a rainy morning may end up being the highlight of your entire Bend vacation!

The Second-Best Place to View the Sunset

The best part of any vacation is watching the sunset with the ones you love, and Pilot Butte Scenic Viewpoint is the 2nd best place to do so in all of Bend (We’ll talk about the top spot a little later!). Offering three relatively simple trails that lead to the top of the cinder cone upon which it is based, Pilot Butte is famous for its 360-degree, unobstructed views of the valley.

Snowshoeing and Night Time Bonfires are a Thing

If you don’t live in a state with a lot of snow, you probably have only seen snowshoes on television and might have difficulty imagining a nighttime hike to a bonfire in the snow. Well, not only is it real, Wanderlust Tours also offers hazelnut espresso and vodka to enjoy along with the quiet of a Bend winter’s night.

Among the Best Tourist Attractions Bend, Oregon Offers

Once you’re done seeing the tourist attractions Bend, Oregon prides itself on, there is plenty to experience right from your rental. Your favorite sunset viewing spot doesn’t involve any effort; simply open the door to the deck of your Bend Vacation Rentals cozy cabin, pull up a chair, and proceed to viewing! Our homes are designed to be comfortable, warm, stylish, and to have the best views in town. Reserve yours today and discover all the secrets that make our homes the only place you’ll want to stay!

Bakery in Bend Oregon

Find Your Favorite Bakery in Bend Oregon

We’re not going to lie to you, we love our pastries and sweets and eat them every chance we get, but generally we feel slightly guilty when we do! The extra calories and fat taste so wonderful, but generally migrate to the places we least need them. After we have consumed the last bite of brownie or the final piece of fudge, we feel regret and sometimes shame! But, you, our dear guests, are the lucky ones: It’s a little-known fact that there are NO CALORIES OR FAT in vacation food (That’s our story anyway!), so when you are traveling to our fair city, be sure to visit the top bakeries to decide which one is your favorite bakery in Bend Oregon. We have only one requirement: We want to live vicariously through your guilt-free taste of the town!

The Sparrow Bakery in Bend Oregon, 50 East Scott Street

The popularity of a bakery can often be determined by the length of the lines waiting for a taste of their delicious goodies, and while there may be a wait at the Sparrow, their kind staff is often seen passing out free samples to help tide you over until its your turn in paradise! Also serving breakfast and lunch daily, their home-baked bread selection will make your evening meals all that sweeter when you take home a baguette or two for later enjoyment!

Nancy P’s Café & Bakery, 1054 Northwest Milwaukee Avenue

Halloween is right around the corner and Nancy P’s bakery in Bend Oregon decorated cookies are spookily spectacular! This is another bakery that caters to the breakfast and lunch crowd, and everything we’ve tried here is out of this world. Try the scones and you may wonder what you’ve ever seen in the basic cookie!

La Magie Bakery and Café, 945 NW Bond Street

When you first discover this bountiful bakery, you can be forgiven for thinking you have left Bend and stepped into a Parisian street; the sidewalk tables, rich eclairs, and strong coffee are surprisingly deceiving! Nevertheless, you haven’t left our country, and the baked goods and meals served at La Magie will have you coming back time and time again during your Bend vacation.

It Just Keeps Getting Better

How is that, you ask? Because even as you go about your culinary explorations of the best bakeries in Bend, at the end of each day you get to go home to your comfortable and stylish Bend Vacation Rentals escape! Offering spacious rooms, luxury amenities, and million-dollar views you won’t ever forget, your Bend vacation promises to be a memorable one. Contact us to reserve your stay in one of our vacation rentals today!